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Portraying the subtle ways of childhood indoctrination
A project by Jamie de Jonge I started this project because I feel this the subject of indoctrination is of utmost relevance in our day and age. We always talk about the outcome of indoctrination, with mass media focusing on the latest terrorist attacks or airing TV shows like “My life in a cult”. We hardly talk about the process itself. There is never just one 'red flag' moment, there are however a lot of little 'pink' ones that together can make a real impact on a child's future decisions.

About the project

In this short animation I want to portray the subtle ways of childhood indoctrination. In many cases parents don’t indoctrinate their children because they hate them, it’s the opposite. They just want the best for their child by bringing them up with their specific theology or world view. They are doing it out of love. This part of the process of indoctrination is not visible to the outside world. This is what I want to show in my animation.



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This final exam project was developed within the Gamification department (Social Practice @ WdKA) Tutor: Bruno Setola


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