Talk:Drinking water out of a billboard

From Beyond Social

It seems the social part of this project is to inspire young people to study engineering to help their environment with their inventions. In your review I can't find out how the University of Engineering and Technology of Peru did this and whether their billboard had the effect they wanted and how young people got affected by the project. It's very interesting to read about the reverse osmosis and how they incorpareted the theory to make water accesible in a very inexpensive way for the locals. In the making of this billboard the locals were not involved even though this is a social design project. I am wondering how people reacted on this water making billboard and what kind of impact it had on their daily lives. The social part of this project had been much stronger if they focused less on what they wanted and how the billboard would have an inspiring impact on young people or be a solution for the locals. Instead there could have been more focus on how they wanted to create this impact with their target group. The locals and their children could have been involved in the process by attending demonstrations of the reverse osmosis and building a mini water-billboard. The locals and their could get an better image of what it means to use certain theories/technologie to design a product with great impact on their daily lives and be inspired to study engineering. There is not much information on where the billboards were placed in regards of the environment and the accesibility for the locals to get water. The same is the case of the air purifying billboard. What was the reaction of the people who lived near by it? Did this inspire people to work on similar kinds of projects? They absolutely are beautiful projects because the University of Engineering and Technology show how you can use simple,cheap,small sized products and designs to create a big and meaningful impact in this world. They give back the basic needs of human beings that have been taken away by pollution. This project is a very peaceful one, there is no strong statement to be made and is only here to provide a solution for a problem that everyone in Bujama, Peru, is faced with. The project does not involve people outside of the proffesional team during the process or to create a design together.