The Collaboration Coat

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Charlotte Jansen, 2017

An unraveling of outer identity, a critique on fast fashion and a new perspective on today's fashion system. Critique on fashion, with fashion.

The fast fashion industry has made us into consumptionists. We are misled into a buying-addiction in which clothing creates identity. Our social interaction is based on presumptions derived from someone's outer-identity.

The Collaboration Coat encourages social interaction that goes beyond the fast paved system and is based on inner-identity and social sustainability. If we accept the duration of interaction, possibilities open up and we get the chance to start a dialogue. In order to create social sustainability and social interaction The Collaboration Coat asks for patience, trust, helpfulness, appreciation and collaboration.

A fundamental critique on the fashion-industry, not by offering a 'ready-to-wear' solution, but by offering a new perspective.

Charlottefrederiquejansen (talk)

A critique on fashion, with fashion.