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Manetta's User Page


The code of the Beyond Social skin can be found on the Publication Station's github page.


Designer, working on the wiki development (in a visual & structural way) and the position of the wiki within the field of Social Practices.

After an invite from the Hybrid Publishing Research Group of the Willem de Kooning Academy, i'm working with the Social Practices on this collaborative wiki publishing project. From an interest in online publishing and in more general reading and writing technologies, i'm particulary looking forward to explore what a mediawiki platform can facilitate to a group of students, teachers and external practitioners in the field of social art and design. I've written a bit more about the features of a wiki on this Wiki Introduction page, to stimulate a collective discussion about the use and positioning of the wiki within the Social Practices.

BeyondSocial skin

For the Beyond Social wiki Andre and me are currently developing a skin called "BeyondSocial". You can already try it by previewing it under the button "preferences" and "appearance". The code is hosted on the Publication Station GitHub page here.



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Semantic Media Wiki inline queries to transclude specific information → perhaps useful for events?



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