WdKA Graduation Show 2017

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With their projects, the 2017 Social Practices graduates have nailed the issues of today’s society. They position themselves as critical pioneers with a positive attitude. With their work they are going further than just denouncing problems. They translate problems into opportunities and offer tools to generate solutions. From virtual and artificial reality projects which allow us to experience the digital future ahead of us, to physical experiences exploring new materials and techniques with respect for Mother Earth.

Matters that catch the eye, amongst other issues are social media, the multicultural society and the deterioration of our planet. This is for example expressed in an interactive fashion installation that encourages social interaction that goes beyond the fast paved system and asks for patience, trust, helpfulness, appreciation and collaboration. Further on, in a speculative installation we get a preview of how it will be to communicate, understand and feel empathy for our planet. By feeling connected with our surroundings, we will be intrinsically motivated to live in a more sustainable way. Finally it is also possible to physically attack your most hated Facebook posts in a Virtual Reality game. The gap between reality and illusion almost disappears.

The majority of the graduate projects have been developed in collaboration with professional partners and stakeholders, from scientific institutes to district residents. This approach as well as the themes our graduates deal with, are the proof of the changing role of designers and artists in future society and the professional field. The wicked problems of our multicultural society will be tackled by hybrid interdisciplinary teams, consisting of residents, scientist, designers, urban planners, local governments.

In this exhibition our graduates not only focus on the development of 'good' pieces of art or design, but, they also propose or realize alternative systems, procedures and processes. Read more about the research behind some of the graduate projects following the links below: