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Yvonne Swiers

I am a fashion designer (minor Open Design) and interested in sharing knowledge about knitwear. Therefore I initiated a project focusing on sharing knitting knowledge. This led to the following question: Which ways of sharing are possible using various knitting techniques, and how do these ways of sharing make it possible for other people to participate?


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The knitted patchwork collection

From a collection of knitted patches with different techniques, shapes and materials, to what will eventually become a collection of clothing based on shared knitting knowledge. This way each piece of clothing will consist of many different styles and techniques. The techniques and crafts are all documented and described so that the making process is shared on the project's website. This project is endless and therefore patches are always welcome. Curious? Take a look at and knit along with us!

Yvonne Swiers

Yvonne Swiers is a graduate student of Fashion / Minor Open Design

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