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Issue 2 Education

Section: Projects

Hi Honey

Martijn Vooijs

Hi honey is a revolutionary next step in beekeeping. The way we consume honey is completely unsustainable. With Hi Honey we can change the system. Hi Honey increases the approachability from the consumer to the beekeeper, and from the beekeeper to the market, resulting in a fair playing field which in turn stimulates direct trade. The honey will also be shipped in a special packaging to the customer. This packaging is 'plantable' and will grow flowers specially selected for bees. By using open design values we see that Hi Honey can make a real change in the way we consume and waste. A project for the circular economy.

Hihoney platform.png Hihoney grow 2.gif

Martijn Vooijs

Martijn Vooijs is a graduate student of Advertising / minor Open Design

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