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Issue 2 Education

Section: Introduction
Topics: Visions


Beyond Social Index Issue 2#

Issue #2


Empowering Tomorrow's 'Game Changers'

Sikko Cleveringa



Impact Consciousness

Anne Seghers

Long-Term Engagement: The Cloudfactory

Bori Fehér and Daniel Barcza

Community, Commitment and Communication in Social Design

Yoad David Luxembourg

Temporal, Contextual and Situated Design Practice

Cezanne Charles and John Marshall

Design Matters: LEAP Dialogues

Susannah Ramshaw

The Future of Design

Bram van Waardenberg

Explore Diversity


Embed Yourself

Jessica Hammerlund


The 'Brown Bag Lunch'

Teana Boston-Mammah and Nana Adusei-Poku

Retour Afzender

Lou Muuse


Isabel Valstar

The New Rotterdam Folk Story

Aron Dijkstra

Couscous a la Joke

Jasmijn Simons, Annejet Hasselaar

Analyse Sustainability


Systems Thinking

Lizanne Dirkx


Microbial Energy

Ermi van Oers and René de Landmeter

De Ceuvel

Carl Shenkenveld

Reframe Empowerment


Why Gamification?

Bruno Setola and Levien Nordeman


The Fame Game

Lotte Biesheuvel


Janneke Absil

Gewichtige Gedachten

Author: Sophie Bragt

De StickerStemWijzer

Renate Boere

Design for Child Oncology

Roos Tigchelaar and Fenne Verhoeven

Create Democratisation


The Significance of Signature

Deanna Herst



Wietske Lutgendorff

Exchange Knitting

Yvonne Swiers

Pooling People

Elise van Beurden

Hi Honey

Martijn Vooijs


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