Social Art and Design

Issue 1 Redesigning Business

Section: Discourse
Topics: Economics Technology Transformation

Paradigm Shift

Pieter Haasnoot

It is my mission to welcome exponential development technologies as sources for positive change and societal value. As I see it, recent developments towards radical transparency, empowerment of individuals, traceability and a collaborative network economy are reshaping society and leading to business innovation; one of my statements is 'small beats big'. In my presentation at the WdKA symposium 'Redesigning Business' (November 20 2014) I talked about the concept of paradigm shift and its consequences for businesses.

Pieter Haasnoot
Pieter Haasnoot

Pieter Haasnoot sees himself as a humanist innovator. His company Up Next is a social enterprise that uses the power of business to bring about positive change. Up Next consists of a network of people, who collectively work at the edges of their disciplines in order to discover new ways of solving societal problems. They seek to be agents of positive change, transforming society by connecting societal value, business and technology.