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by Astrid Martirossian

Many Facebook-users regularly have to deal with frustrations that are related to Facebook posts. Usually there is nothing you can do about it: you inevitably become friends with people on Facebook who will sometimes post things that you find annoying. In the virtual reality game Facebook Therapy VR, it is possible to release your frustrations physically and anonymously, without having to offend your friends in real life (or punching your screen).

In Facebook Therapy VR, it is ultimately not the type of Facebook posts that are important. Instead, it all comes down to the frustration itself and how players express themselves in the game. Through this frustration I want to make players aware of the emotional influence Facebook has on their life and also to make them stop and think about how and why they are frustrated with content on Facebook.

"[It] makes you think about whether you don't do it yourself as well... posting useless things." - Tessie

"What this game does, it facilitates me to do something I could never do." - Yoshi

"[Destroying Facebook posts in the game] is very fun, it gives you a good feeling. Especially with all the explosions and the music, that works really well." - Jorrit

Click here to watch Facebook Therapy VR gameplay & interview!


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