Master of Education in Arts - Zoom session Open Day

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Wednesday 18 November


The Master of Education in Arts is one of the master programs of the Piet Zwart Institute. The relation between practice and theory is a central feature in this part-time program. Participants test, design and experiment with pedagogical models and tactics, as much as research them. The program focuses on contemporary developments in art/design education, including critical pedagogy, education philosophy, critical making, interdisciplinarity, museum education and participatory practices. This also involves engaging with pivotal topics that influence the discourse about education like intersectionality and sustainability. We welcome practitioners in the field of vocational, secondary and higher art/design education, museum education, as well as artists/designers working with socially engaged, experimental pedagogical practices.

Each year we organize a series of Open Information Meetings to welcome future students. Join us for the first on line session related to the WdKA Open Day to find out more about our program! The course director will introduce the program and afterwards there is time for a Q & A with tutor(s) and student(s).

Please subscribe before Friday 13th November via the email:

and tell us your name, background (discipline) and what you expect from our master (short text). For general information please visit:



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