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List of content for issue 2
Contributions from internal and external practitioners:

contributor status content keywords contact person notes action items tags
editorial Deanna? Michelle? to be written last moment - - - - -
rootoftwo uploaded internet of things, social objects, design fiction Michelle Kasprzak rootoftwo is Cezanne Charles and John Marshall, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. draft received ready for editing Embedded Research
Peter Troxler in progress unknown Deanna Herst none Deanna will contact #
Harma Staal in progress unknown Deanna Herst none poked again #
Nana Adusei Poku has sent article to deanna unknown Deanna Herst research professor Creating 010 coming up #
Mark Mulder in progress unknown Deanna Herst head of graphic design talked Mar 14, made a plan but Mark is ill at the moment #
Bori Feher uploaded Social Design with/in the Field (on social design project in rural / poor areas) Iris Schutten Budapest based - Michelle could you edit this?

- ask for few lines of info on authors underneath article and some pictures / captions? > Michelle? mail bori feher <>

Lee Davis in progress something about the work of the Center for Social Design in Baltimore: "I'll probably write something on behalf of both me and Mike, so I'll talk more with him and come back with some ideas. Perhaps it could be a piece about reflecting on the 5 years of the MASD program, as well as some reflections from LEAP, and perhaps also the Winterhouse Institute, etc. I'll think more on this." Iris Schutten Baltimore based. has promised to send in article on may 13th, mail: #
Thomas Ostergard in progress? / or skip? social design entrepreneurship, related to education Iris Schutten Aarhus based, asked for help creating wiki acccount & gave extra time until may 13th / send info and arjens mailadres on april 26th, never heard since. get back in touch or skip? email: #
Becky Slogeris, email: uploaded, still have to add pictures youth, alcohol abuse, prevention, co-design Iris Schutten Title: Advocacy Through Creativity: Oliver Youth Counter-Ad Workshops. Baltimore. Has send link for pictures: for editing / michelle will look at it #co-design
Anne Seghers uploaded: Beyond ‘raising awareness’ lies impact-consciousness Iris Schutten Beyond Social Night, commentary on the evening at HNI. last info needed (author info, captions), iris is oke, check by second editor? - Somehow I can't put it in right category but categories don't show up while editing / someone should ask andre or arjen what's happening here (I don't know if the same happens to other contrinutions).

- Some pictures of the described project could be added / iris has ppt of hni evening we can use to take the pictures out / or ask students who presented at HNI

#impact meassurement
Jessica Hammerlund uploaded embedded research in educational projects Iris Schutten arjen is helping her putting all in wiki / also pictures? to be edited #embedded research
Roger Teeuwen unknown social design pedagogy, education policy, bigger picture Iris Schutten iris asked again / but roger didn't respond / someone else could ask roger or we leave contribution out #
Barbara Alves has a draft refugees, issue framing Iris Schutten PhD work, has rough outline final deadline may 18th / he'll mail Iris and cc michelle if this is oké #framing
Diana Krabbendam interview sustainism Iris Schutten Diana is sick after falling from her bike (?) Iris has sent reminder 22-04 / have not heard since. Mail again or skip contribution?
Mariana Amatullo Design Matters, LA based social design education in LA (and maybe also a contribution about a new book: leap) Iris Schutten Iris has met her at conference in Baltimore and has email contact ever since: "Please expect to hear then from us and via Susannah, our associate director by end of week (may 13th) with our contribution." Email Susannah:, email Mariana: get beck in touch when nothing is send this week. # social design education
Hanneke Absil ready for editing Samenspel all # ready for editing # Making Public
Lou Muuse in progress Retour Afzender Michelle Kasprzak winner of research publication prize / plaatsen bij minor cultural diversity need to followup #refugees #embedded research
Sean Donahue contacted us unknown Iris iris has sent reminder 24-04 / sean sais he has send article but I can't find it. Michelle could you please contact sean again, I am curios! #
Yoad David Luxembourg piece is on the wiki community connection MK/Iris to be proofed #
Renate Boere, engagement and designing uploaded engagement Deanna Deanna is in touch with her / we asked her to change the article so it would fit the theme of issue 2. Deanna to follow up.

article is waiting in 'proof me'

 ? #
iris, about social practices at WdKA still to be written - - doable? someone else? last moment article? - -

Contributions from the Minors:

Minor Details Contributors Actions/Person Responsible Tags
Open Design Martijn, Wietske, and Yvonne + explanation n/a Michelle K #
Sustainability intro and two student projects Teacher: Lizanne Dirkx, Students: RAID (Kelly de Gier en domino Koopmanschap) & microbial energy (Ermi van Oers en Rene de Landmeter) Lizanne Dirkx (email: has send good piece on education for sustainability to iris, Iris will forward this article to Deanna and Michelle. It can be used as intro on two student project Microbial energy & RAID (pictures still needed!). Article on microbial energy is uploaded (more captions needed!) email author ermi van oers: RAID is still missing: Kelly de Gier and Domino Koopmanschap (they might also choose to contribute with their graduation projects instead) email: & #
Cultural Diversity Intro and 3 student projects? Jan had 6 mei artikel beloofd over cultural diversity @ wdka en als intro op studentenwerk maar er is nog niets binnen. Jan komt 17 mei / handig om dan af te stemmen? 3 students have uploaded so far:'s_the_point_of_storytelling%3F)

wie pakt dit op met Jan? #
Gamification Intro over gamification and studentenproject Lotte bIesheuvel (uploaded: the frame game), aanvullen met een gode afstudeerder? Intro is er nog niet, Bruno Setola, Levien Nordemann en Johanneke van der Ziel overleggen nog of hoe samen kunnen schrijven. Bruno is er 17 mei hele dag, levien en johanneke schuiven die dag later aan. Dan afstemmen? Tags

- Lotte Biesheuvel (student gamification & graphic design, alumnus 2015) > one of needs to check article and respond to her, is already in beyond social wiki / edit me stage. Iris to follow up / would be good to place in relation to a gamification text / may be by levien nordeman?

- What’s the point of storytelling . Gert Jan Pos edited this / if your oké with it we can go on with it. Michelle will read and give opinion.

- Al letter to you all, eveline de Jonge > I’d say the article is too short, project not finished yet. I would’t place it. If you agree we can move the article back to wrote me state, with our remarks in the beginning? Discard? yes, discard!

- De Ceuvel > one of us should check / edit text. It’s quite old so we should see if it still applies. WHO?

- Want to join us (short) / is the one-pager we only used in analogue version, not to be put online > there already a longer article is placed.

- pooling people , article van Elise van Beurden last year / she didn’t upload in wiki due to wiki troubles back then..
is waiting in edit me

- Participatory Design for Child Oncology, Roos Tichelaar, images sent is waiting in edit me

not yet in wiki: - agnies / iris has it and will check it & upload it / they didn’t upload in wiki due to wiki troubles back then..

- Sophie Bragt, book launch 'Gewichtige Gedachten', former Open Design student, text in Dutch, images sent

Graduation projects?

Social Education -- editorial piece
Embedded Research
Making Public

We need editorial guidelines! Make a wiki article. MK starts it and IS and DH adds to it.
Design brief written by Iris with feedback from Deanna and Michelle.
Deanna will write a draft of the editorial for this issue.