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Semantic MediaWiki (SMW), Forms and Templates on this wiki

We're using Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) to store a data structure of Articles, Events, Stacks (formarly editorials) and User pages (profiles). SMW allows us to store properties of these pages and query them elsewhere.

We use Forms to insert these data structures into the pages and Templates to display this data.


(Only thing that is using Cargo)

Read more about the Frictionary and Cargo.


Form:Article Form to make Article pages
Form:Editorial Form to make Editorial pages (now called Stacks)
Form:Event Form to make Event pages
Form:Profile Form to make User pages



Template:Overview template used in queries to create overviews


Template:Article main article template
Template:Contribute contribution banner at the bottom of an article page (is included through Articles_more)
Template:Articles_more overview of last edited articles (included through the Form:Article)

Stacks or formarly Editorial

Template:Editorial main editorial template
Template:Editorial_intro small yellow banner that currently holds a short intro text about editorials
Template:Editor selection to display multiple stack editors
Template:Article_Selection list of selected articles, part of an Editorial page
Template:Editorials_more overview of last edited stacks (included through the Form:Editorial)


Template:Event main event template
Template:Article Selection Overview creating the article overviews of event page
Template:Documentation documentation section of event page
Template:Events_more list with 5 most recent events (included through the Form:Event)
Template:Events event overview template (used on Events)

User Pages

Template:Profile main User Page template


Template:Links_internal to display wiki links
Template:Links_external to display external links
Template:Category_selector to attach categories to a page
Template:HIDE_CATEGORY_PAGES include this template in a category to hide the default listing of pages. Include it as following: {{HIDE_CATEGORY_PAGES}}