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Beyond Social is an international and collaborative research and publishing platform on social design. It connects professionals and students from different fields of expertise. It is a platform for trial and error, for sharing knowledge, projects, visions and opinions with the goal of finding out what is needed in order to take social practices to the next stage.

Beyond Social offers a platform for challenging and engaging design and art practices that have a desire to have a transformative impact on society. Accordingly, these practices do not only focus on the development of 'good' pieces of art or design, but, they also propose or realize alternative systems, procedures and processes.

What does it take for artists and designers to deal with today's societal challenges? What different strategies and concepts can we use? What are inspiring examples and what are great failures? And, if we need to collaborate with stakeholders, then how can we maintain our autonomous position? What expertise and added value do we represent as artists or designers? What and how, in fact, do we DESIGN or DO as social designers?

Let's find out together; Beyond Social connects contributers by a wiki. In this way, it becomes an open and collaborative platform. Please feel free to contribute!

You can contribute by commenting on existing articles, adding new articels or sending in proposals for new editorials.


Beyond Social is initiated by Iris Schutten (WdKA Social Practices) and developed by Hybrid Publishing Practices at Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA), University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam. Right from the start Beyond Social aimed at being a platform for a wider community than WdKA alone. It has always invited students as well as experts of different disciplines, intitutions an nationalities.

Social Practices The Social Practices is an interdisciplinary graduation profile at WdKA and focuses on issues of cultural diversity, sustainability/new earth, open design and gamification/powerplay.

Hybrid Publishing Practices Researching and experimenting across a broad range of processes native to digital and analog media, Hybrid Publishing Practices fosters novel approaches to design, writing, reading, dissemination and embraces the plurifomity of publishing made possible through the legacies of Gutenberg's press to present-day technologies.



Beyond Social is an initiative from Iris Schutten, Program Leader Social Practices WdKA (2013-2017), in collaboration with Kimmy Spreeuwenberg, Teacher and Coordinator of Hybrid Publishing.

Lead Editor

  • Iris Schutten (2014 and onwards)

Editorial Board

  • Gaspard Bos (2017 and onwards)
  • Bruno Setola (2017 and onwards)
  • Teana Boston-Mammah (2017 and onwards)
  • Karlijn Souren (2017 and onwards)

Visual Design and Web Development

Code Repository

Git repository for the wiki skin: https://github.com/wdka-publicationSt/BeyondSocial-wiki/tree/unfolding (2017 and onwards)


Wiki2Web (2014 - 2016)

Initially, Beyond Social was partly an experiment to allow users to create their own issues, which were linked to Beyond Social events. These issues are included below for archival reference.

#1 - Redesigning Business (February 2015)

#2 - Education (July 2016)

#3 - Radical Reframing (December 2016)

Initiative 2014

Beyond Social is an initiative from Iris Schutten, Program Leader Social Practices WdKA (2013-2017), in collaboration with Hybrid Publishing Practices WdKA.

Lead Editor first editions

  • Iris Schutten (2014 and onwards)

Editorial Board first editions

  • Sikko Cleveringa (2017)
  • Deanna Herst (2014-2015)
  • Tabo Goudswaard (2014-2015)

Visual Design first editions

  • Marlon Harder & Lasse van den Bosch Christensen, Template (2014-2016)

Web Development first editions

  • André Castro, Publication Station WdKA (2014-2016)

Git repository for the previous wiki2web publishing workflow: https://github.com/wdka-publicationSt/BeyondSocial )2014-2016)