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From Beyond Social

Graphic Design (making public, archives, decolonial aesthesis)

Libreria Mutante
Ulises Carrión
Hank Willis Thomas

Close By (EURO)

Badass Libre Fonts by Womxn  
Glossary of Undisciplined Design (Anja Kaiser + Rebecca Stephany, organizers)
Teaching Design
Hackers and Designers


Graphic Designers/Publishers/Design Researchers Cultural identity/diversity/decolonization/depatriarchalization/demodernization

Jerome Harris
Somnath Bhatt
Riley Hooker
Hardworking Goodlooking 
Dominica - Martine Syms
Display Distribute
Decolonising Design (Ece Canli, Ramón Tejada, et al)
Depatriarchising Design
Amy Suo Wu
Lizania Cruz 
Queer Archives
Paul Soulellis
The Black Archives (Amsterdam)
Gender Fail
Rose Nordin
P. Preciado 
Sarmad platform

Publishers Also

Autonomedia - Publishing house, more for their content
Traficantes de Sueños
Press Press 
Temporary Services
Journal of Aesthetics & Protest
Girls Like Us

Advertising & Beyond

Campaigning, mobilization

Yes Men
Look Loud
The Years Project
Fossil Free Culture NL
Sunrise Movement
Progressive International
Fierce pussy collective
Hank Willis Thomas
Srdja Popovic/Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS)---Blueprint for Revolution: How to Use Rice Pudding, Lego Men, and Other Nonviolent Techniques to Galvanize Communities, Overthrow Dictators, or Simply Change the World
Cultural Workers Unite
Shell Must Fall? / Code Rood
Mothers of Invention (Podcast) 
Black Mesa Water Coalition 
Vivien Sansour (Palestine)
Thao Vu - Kilomet109 (Hanoi Vietnam)

Q: Where do all the activist groups and organizations fit in?

ONLINE CAMPAIGNING (Institutional Critique)

@Art Goss
@No More Later


Molly Crabapple (in collaboration with Naomi Klein, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, The Intercept)
The Chinese Room
Carmen Jose (Rotterdam)
Ian Cheng
Forensic Architecture
Simone Niquille 


Bishakh Som
Pris Roos
Paper monuments
Darren Cullen / spellingmistakescostlives
Cesare Davolio --- why is his work socially engaged? am unsure of this one
Carmen José --- her practice involves a lot of community organizing, feeds into her work

Fashion Design

Nonconsumption, mcluhanian fashion as weapon

Hussein Chalayan --- migration works, suits and multiple identities, working w 

cyprus/turkey/greece geopolitics

Marco Marco
Diamantina Arcoiris
Tunakaimanu Fielakepa
Top Manta
Odie Nola
Warriors in the Garden (NY)
Lucy Orta
Guerilla Repair (XR)
Thao Vu - Kilomet109 (Hanoi Vietnam)
Alicia Framis


Audiovisual Design --- sensorial ethnography, non extractive documentation, collaborative documentary, historical gaze, narrative=

Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Naeem Mohaiemen
John Akomfrah & Black Audio & Film Collective
Charlotte Prodger
Inas Halabi
Black Obsidian Sound System (London)
Barbara Hammer
Ambulante Colombia
ContraPoints --- excellent categorization :) defo a reference here
Patricia pinheiro de sousa
Sondra Perry
Cornelius Cardew / Scratch Orchestra (U.K)
Seecum Cheung
Andrea Luka Zimmerman
Michelle Williams Gamaker
Larissa Sansour
Filipa César
Project Art Works
Hannah Quinlan Rosie Hastings
Steve McQueen (UK) Particularly Small Axe series
Raoul Peck - Particularly Exterminate All The Brutes series + I Am Not Your Negro
Jenn Nkiru
Joshua Oppenheimer - The Act of Killing + The Look of Silence
Peter Watkins
Trinh T. Minh Ha
Chris E Vargas/Eric Stanley particularly Criminal Queers for military industrial complex hetero connection (U.S)
Ibraaz archive
Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz (Berlin)
Tourmaline (NY)
Sean Baker (NY)
Stanya Kahn (SF California)
WET Film Collective (Rotterdam)
Kenge Teguia (Paris)
Sun Ra
Laura Poitras
Mothers of Invention (Podcast) 
Walida Amarisha - Space to Breathe (an abolitionist science fiction hybrid documentary)

Fine Art

Rescued relationality, collectivized practices, instituting otherwise, decoloniality, feminist/depatriarchal praxis

Chto Delat
Ook Huis (Reinaart Vanhoe + Marielle Verdijk)
Carmen Papalia
La Agencia
El Palomar
Arika (Glasgow)
Susan Hiller
Networks (Maria Molteni)
Sepake Angiama
Black Obsidian Sound System (London)
Campo Adentro - Fernando García Dory
Wu Tsang
Raúl Nieves
Wu Mali
Maria Thereza Alves
Jonathan Lyndon Chase
To Be Determined
Ultra Red Collective
Yoeri Guepin (Rotterdam)
Troy Montes-Michie
Melanie Bonajo
Pablo Lerma
Casco (Utrecht)
Bea Santiago Munoz (Puerto Rico)
CA Conrad particularly Somatic Rituals (Philadephia U.S)
Geo Wyeth (Rotterdam) 
Lauren Britton 
David Wojnarowicz
Feliz González-Torres
Em Roney
Renzo Martens --- Controversial, I know, but undeniably part of the field
A.K. Burns
Ibraaz archive
Canal Street Research
Cajsa von Zeipel
Antoni Miralda (El Internacional, an art restaurant)
Laura Huertas Millán 
Marwa Arsanios
Kenge Teguia (Paris)
Otobonga Nkanga

DBKV - Fine Arts and Design Teacher Training

Transformative pedagogy, unlearning, deschooling

School of the Damned ;)
Evening Class
Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures (GTDF)
Laagencia - Escuela Garaje (Bogota Colombia)
The Racial Imaginary Institute
School of Echoes
Temporary URL (Un/Re/Learning) Academy (Philippines)
Chto Delat - School of Engaged Art
Campus in Camps
The Black School
Salwa Foundation
SoMeMer uNSCHooL - Memetic Summer School (shameless plug) <3
Floating Univeristy
Transmission Gallery (Glasgow)
School of Tritons (ZAD)
Sense Lab (Montreal? Canada) 
Menos Foucault Más Shakira
Parallel school
Luis Camnitzer
Ivan Illich
Paulo Freire --- Pedagogy of the Oppressed
The Black Archives
Pelin Tan
Ueinzz (Brazil)
Escuela do Povo
Fred Moten & Stefano Harney - Undercommons particularly
JOAAP - Journal of Aesthetics and Protest
Claudia Rankine
Edu Factory Collective
Free Home University 
School of our Lorde
Ecoversities Alliance
Ferment Summer School (Rotterdam)

Leisure & Events Management

Cooking Sections  (London)
Arika (Glasgow)
Tunde Wey 
Casco (Utrecht)
Tender Center (Rotterdam, RIP?)
GHOST (Rotterdam)
Evening Class
Wiki Toki
Ueinzz (Brazil)
WET (Rotterdam)
Fizz Club (Rotterdam)
Ferment Summer School (Rotterdam)
Butchers Tears

Transformation Design

Mujeres Creando
Alina Lupu
Marlo Barrera 
Kaos Pilots 
Cooperation Jackson
Project Kamp 
Inland, Campo Adentro 
Forensic Architecture
Yoeri Guepin (Rotterdam)
Jeanne van Heeswijk
Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination
Recetas Urbanas
Black Quantum Futurism
Gabriel Fontana
Breath and Puppet Theater
The Black Archives - Mitchel Esajas
Cultural Workers Unite


Resituating the gaze, nonextractive documentation, counternarratives, archives

John Edmonds
Carmen Winant
Pepe Espaliú
Allen Frame
Catherine Opie
Walid Raad
Czar Kristoff
Jess T. Dugan
Matthew Leifheit
Paul Mpagi Sepuya
Kris Graves
Zora J. Murff
Tosh Basco
Laia Abril
Karen Biswell
Jesús Abad Colorado
Carlos Alejandro Motta
Peter Hujar
Rafael Soldi
Stanley Wolakau-Wanambwa
Carla Liesching
Lebohang Kanye
The Outlaw Ocean (Ian Urbina)

Product Design

Studio Swine
Tools for Action
Precious Plastic
HomeMade Modern
Lily Consuelo Saporta Tagiuri
Selçuk Balamir 
Ishinomaki Lab
Future Materials Lab (Jan Van Eyck Academie)

Spatial Design

Ultra Red Collective
Grupo Ecetera 
Situaciones Colectivas
Array Collective (Belfast)
Morning Industries 
Floating university
Imani Jacqueline Brown
Decolonizing Architecture Art Research
Black Quantum Futurism
Arquitectura Expandida
Theaster Gates's Rebuild Foundation
Failed Architecture
Lacol arquitectura cooperativa 
Pauline Olivieros
Cooking Sections
Espai Nyam Nyam
Gentle Radical
Project Artworks
Wallis Johnson
Feminist Architecture Collaborative
Nishat Awan
Dima Srouji
Depth Unknown 
Punt 6
Susan O’Malley 
Funambulist Magazine
Recetas Urbanas
Maxwell Mutanda 
Proyecto Pregunta