Open Call Radical Reframing

From Beyond Social

Author: Paul Gofferjé and Iris Schutten


How to design interventions addressing underlying causes of radicalization?

Within different cultures and contexts radicalization among young people is increasing. Reframing is a promising design-method to deal with complex issues. Can radicalization be reframed? Can we intervene in its underlying social processes like exclusion, frustration and anger? The goal is not so much to solve radicalization, but to create a whole new perspective on the situation itself. 

We’re looking for theoretical and artistic contributions that shed new light on radicalization, reframing and/or artistic ways to intervene in these processes in order to learn from each other. We’re open for different types of media (text, pictures, video, audio) from different countries and disciplines. Feel free to contribute!

Upload your content before December 2016

Radical Reframing Identity and Integration (RRII) is a program implemented by No Academy (Amsterdam) in collaboration with Designing Out Crime research centre (Sydney), University of Technology Sydney and de Haagse Hogeschool (The Hague). The program is published in collaboration with Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam) and Studio Iris Schutten (The Hague).