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Iris Schutten
Program Leader Social Practices WdKA


Iris Schutten (Msc Architecture) is an architect, writer, curator and educator in the field of social art and design. Since 2007 she teaches at WdKA and got involved in the curriculum redevelopment there. Currently she leads the WdKA Social Practices department and initiated Beyond Social, an international platform investigating social art and design. Before, she was involved in the redevelopment of the cultural hotspot NDSM wharf (Amsterdam 1999-2004), co-curated Laboratory for the Interim (The Hague 2007-2011), published ‘Between Times’ (Sun Trancity 2011) and co-curated Between Realities (Dutch Entry PQ2015 Prague Quadrennial, which was rewarded with a golden medal for best curatorial concept).

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