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Teana Boston-Mammah is a sociologist, she earned a Bachelor's degree in Sociology at Essex University (UK) and a Master of Urban Studies and Public Policy at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. She is particularly interested in notions of identity in an urban context. The first ten years of her career she taught sociology in London. In the Netherlands, she went on to develop her research and policy advising skills. Research areas include: the glass ceiling, women's emancipation in Rotterdam, radicalisation, fatherhood, sexual diversity and gendered social contacts patterns. From 2012 she has worked as a consultant and researcher for various organisations in Rotterdam; Formaat, Het Peutercollege and the research center Creating 010. In her free time Teana organises, as co-founder of the foundation RotterdamINK, various events, in the context of women's empowerment issues. Teana is a board member of various nonprofits. Her research on gender and social contact theory in a super diverse neighbourhood in South Rotterdam is via Emerald publishers accessible.

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