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About the project When I was searching on the internet I found a beautiful artist called Fernando Schlaepfer. He is a photographer from Rio de Janeiro. On tumblr he started the 365nus. He posted one nude a day. The pictures are really stunning. They are raw, natural and unforced. Each of the photos tells a unique, sensitive story. By uniting all genders and sexual orientations Fernando also makes a powerful statement towards more tolerance and open-mindedness.

What I really like about this project is that Fernando Schlaepfer chose to photograph all kinds of people. He showed the beauty of all people, black/white, thick/thin, it doesn’t matter. The other thing I really like about this project is that you can see all the different personalities in the pictures.

What I also like about 365nus is that Fernando uses interesting and different locations. A lot of the pictures are in nature but not the usual locations. Also, he really thought about the colors. When you look through the pictures the first thing you will notice is his use of color. Some are really white but with detail and some are very colorful.

Contextual Contextual artists conduct artistic research into a social issue. This project is contextual because Fernando wanted to show that everybody is beautiful just the way they are. Black or white, hetero or homosexual, thick or thin, it doesn’t matter. You should be proud of what you look like. These people on the photos are all stunning and look really confident.

Artistic It means that they focus on the powers of imagination, collaboration, creation and aesthetics. This project leaves little to the imagination. What you see is what you get. But, the project focuses on creation and aesthetics.

Participatory Participatory art practices will not turn complex social issues around on their own, but they can make a major contribution. This project is showing the world that you don’t have to be ashamed of your body, no matter what you look like. He is not trying to make everybody confident, but he is just showing that you should.

Transformative 265nus is a challenging artistic production for a wide audience. I think that all open-minded people will love this project. It is a work that is not focusing on one type of person but on everyone.

What the project could have made it stronger I looked through all the pictues off 365NUS. He made a couple of pictures a person. Maybe Fernando could have chosen not to upload three pictures of the same woman/man in the same week. He could have spread the pictures over the year. I think that it will make it a bit more interesting if you see a lot of different people.

Fernando also posted interviews with the people he photographed. He talked to the people who are on the picture. What I really like but, it is in Portuguese. I think he missed a change there because if he had subtitled it, more people could have understood it.

Pictures I love What I like about these pictures are the colours and details. The grass is all green but there are all beautiful little flowers with beautiful colours. Also the transgender woman on the picture. He photographed her on a way that most transgender people maybe will feel ashamed off. But there is nothing to be ashamed off. That is what Fernando wants to show with this picture and I really like that. (picture 1)

Foto 1.jpg

(Source Fernando Schlaepfer)

These colours in this picture are stunning. Also the stairs what is coming from the right to the left makes the picture interesting. The woman on the picture had green dreadlocks what is stunning with the grass and plants. (picture 2)

Tumblr o4kj8cMCIx1qba6lwo1 1280.jpg

(Source Fernando Schlaepfer)

What I love about this one is that you can see the personality of this woman. I think she is a beautiful strong woman. Also she is proud to be a black woman. She is not ashamed of her body and feels really confident. (picture 3)

Tumblr o3lcrpw3Rs1qba6lwo1 1280.jpg

(Source Fernando Schlaepfer)

Why this project? The reason I chose this project is because I think everyone should be confident about his or her body. Of course, everyone will feel insecure about his body sometime but you have to realize that you don’t have to be insecure. Every body looks different, as you see in these pictures. There is nothing to be ashamed of because you're beautiful the way you are.

Here is a link to all photographs. You can also find Fernando’s Facebook and Instagram here: http://365nus.com