A proposal for gamifying the civic economy

From Beyond Social

The topic of our Redesigning Business masterclass was to gamify the three new economies (civic, circular and sharing economy) as well as the old economy. In practice this meant that our goal was to make a pervasive game, so that symposium visitors can experience the three different types of new economies and the old economy. Working on a collaborative pervasive game, which will take place at the Redesigning Business Symposium on November 20th 2014, I will focus on translating the essential principles of the civic economy into a small and simplified game-concept.

From economic principles to game rules


The civic economy is a economy-design based on co-operating and local production, local entrepreneurs and local resources.

Translation of assumptions to design principles

Game proposal

The civic economy game is a game where you can make a product with local ingredients, but you only have yellow or black ingredients. You have to negotiate with the other local company to trade your leftovers. Together you'll be able to finalize your products. In practice that means that you start working on a product at one stand, which only has resource A –grain, for example. But you also need resource B to make your product –coal, for example. You have to go to the other stand with resource A (a product you have too much of) and trade it there for resource B (which are leftovers for the other stand, too). You can start making your product at both stands as starting point, but eventually you'll need the leftover resource of the other stand to finish your product.