Andrew Has His Period

From Beyond Social
Aay Liparoto


Performance based research, 2015, Duration: 9 Months

An auto-ethnographic investigation, re-imagining their sense of self around the premise of 'What if 28 years ago they had said ‘it’s a boy', examining the effect of performing gender in daily life through material culture. The project which embraces low and prolific image-making culminated in a film which engages with the domestic aspect of the project and a book ‘Andrew has his period. (Anecdotes of Androgyny)’.

still, 2016

‘Is it real?’ I am often asked. I guess it is the concept of a real or an authentic identity that I am essentially interested in. It is/was real. Not in that I want to be Andrew but real in that I find, I am no longer Abigail. Real in exposing the mechanism and force in simple objects, language and in my orientation to space.

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