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My dear grandad with Alzheimer's disease

Sanne Hoogeveen has gained a lot of experience in her life about the condition of dementia. Her own grandfather Opa Frans suffered from Alzheimer's disease and, by following his changes closely, she developed a great fascination for this target group. Opa Frans died in 2012 and from then on, Sanne has subsequently worked in healthcare institutions in psychogeriatric departments with people with dementia. Research has shown that by continuing to train yourself and your brain, you can deal longer with dementia and lead a happier life. Art serves as a fantastic medium. You train your brain and you feel happier when you do this often. But which visual art gives such a happy feeling? Sanne has done research for a year to answer this question with the help of the depot of Stichting Kunstuitleen Rotterdam. To put together a special collection, especially aimed at people with dementia, a selection was made from the roughly 10,000 works of art that are in the depot.

Film Promo

Film still PROMO

Through workshops for people with dementia and their loved ones, Sanne collected the results by conducting interviews. With the help of a leading role in discussing the selected artworks, conversations come loose, associations are made and memories are retrieved. Participants are stimulated by touch and vision. With this, Sanne created a ‘positive database’ this year, specially selected for people with dementia. A goal to offer usable arts education for art and healthcare institutions. Art works as a medicine. For example, looking at art can offer peace when you have been diagnosed, but also when you are in a more advanced stage. Art can slow down the process of dementia. The main goal is to stay happy for longer. Looking at artworks. Art can give meaning. There is always something beautiful to see and enjoy.

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