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The Role of the Bureaucrat

A group of the users on this wiki have taken on the responsibility of a Bureaucrat. Their main task is to keep certain area's on the main page up-to-date and to keep an eye on misplaced articles or other things that seem to go wrong on the wiki.

Bureaucrats have a few more editing rights as opposed to the general user. For example: they can move and delete pages, and are entitled to edit the Sidebar on the right. This list shows who is currently in the list of Bureaucrats on this wiki.

Do you want to move or delete a page? Contact one of the Bureaucrats!

Links for the Bureaucrat

The following pages will be updated by the Bureaucrats. As every page on this wiki, these are all normal individual pages, but parts of them are also used in the Main Page. For this, we use transclusion techniques: templates and the extension DynamicPageList.

Category suggestions




note on transclusion: When a part of the text is surrounded with <noinclude> tags, it will not be transcluded into the Main Page. Every edit made in the rest of the page, will also update the Main Page.