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Short description: Radical administration

Long description: This definition is lifted from this webpage ( ), which describes a coterminous summit held on Feb 14, 15 & 16th, 2019.

RADMIN is hosted by the Cube Microplex (Bristol), Feb 14, 15 & 16th, 2019. It's a summit in which we will reconsider the 'dull' spaces of administration, managing, trading and maintenance, not as a set of largely hostile impediments which invade or co-opt arts practice but as sites for critical and creative enquiry, radical histories, experiments, politics, wild imaginaries and meaningful work.

Gathering in formal and social situations, the base for this entirely reasonable and perception-breaking assembly is the wilful and adhocratic Cube Cinema, which has been self-organising for 20 years and first coined the term 'Radmin'. During workshops, talks, performances, projected informations and entertainments we will take an artist-led and speculative approach to rethink how we (as individuals and organisations) can do business. RADMIN will draw on the rich history of the Cube as a place where creative experiments in IT, HR, bar management, account-keeping, revenue and organisational form have always been core to the project.

The summit's programme will feature exemplary alternative business practices, guest appearance from celebrity administrators, creative application writing, infrastructure tours, monetary experiments, organisational portraiture and a deep collective examination of how business - in the arts and beyond - could be different.

WITH: The Ad Hoc Collective, 3 Stages of Succession, Bristol Co-operative Gym, Centre for Plausible Economies, Company Drinks, Cube Cinema, CUPS (Creative University Professional Services), Different Space, Drawing Exchange, Feral Trade, FoAM, The Incidental Unit, Institute for Experiments with Business, IRATIONAL.ORG, Legal Eagles, Polar Produce, Plumbmaid, Richard Youngs, The School for Organizing, UWE Business School, Viriconium Palace AND OTHERS.

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Compiled by Feral Business Research Network, which brings together radical economic scholars, artist-organisers, business operators and other researchers around this urgent question. At a time when ‘business as usual’ has been cast broadly into doubt, we investigate how artists might be mobilised to design new, wild and experimental shapes in business and enterprise for a radically reimagined economy.

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