DNA Charlois

From Beyond Social

DNA Charlois is a social enterprise, active in Rotterdam. The company focusses on connecting the cultural diversity in the neighborhood Charlois, the creativity of Rotterdam based designers and artists and the social engagement of companies and non-profit organizations in Rotterdam. One of the 160 cultures in Rotterdam Charlois is being ‘translated’ to an object that is scalable and multipliable by one of the 100 designers and artists from Rotterdam.

The objects from DNA Charlois can be be designed for several purposes. For example: It can be a new product or a new service. a special occasion like anniversaries or openings, in- and extern communication, identities, etc.

With DNA Charlois there arises a new community of 160 residents, cultures, designers, clients and employees; Who are connected through projects and the tactile expressions that comes with these: 160 design objects. Together these parties contribute to the development of employment and welfare within Charlois.