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Power of Listening

There is no history of Western civilization without a history of suppression, we see that reflected in the ways we communicate, think and interpret the world. Coloniality has irretrievably erased languages, cultures, species and possible alternate futures. Through the process of decolonial listening we try to activate these trajectories that have been erased; give a voice to those who have been deprived of historical existence.

POWERPLAY is about identifying and exposing hidden power structures. Over the course of this minor students have learned to unlearn the rigid terms in which we perceive the world, and been taught the power of listening as a different method of worlding the world. In their projects fourth year students address a wide range of topics pertaining to the critique and subversion of the status quo. They are starting conversations and questioning sociopolitical preconceptions about the differently abled, the media, language, education and more. We hope you join us in these conversations.

17.01.21 : Platform launch poweroflistening.nl 18.01.21 : Live Instagram event on @wdka 18.01 - 24.01 : Posters visible in Rotterdam

Presented works :

The Sharing Recipe, Aimée Wattimurij

Attention (Re)direction, Alicia Rottke Fitzpatrick

Britney & co. , Emma Laurens

Paradoxia, Fleur van Stratum

Backstories, Hannah Sterke

Het Ongelijkheidsdiner, Jarné van Zetten

The Act of Nonviolent Protest, Joke van Driel

The Other, Kira Bolder

Thuislokaal, Lucca Kroot

Unpicking Inheritance, Mauk van Emmerik

Fake News Galore, Nadja Haugas

Doodnormaal Gesprek, Robin Pieper

The Understanding Of, Sophie Roelandschap

Dyslexie, Tessel Burger

Celluloid dreams, Tijmen Raasveld

Tricks To (Self)censor, Yasmine van Maasakker



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