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André, Clara



What is it?

Publishing interface to make SP work public


2) SHADOW LIBRARY ARTICLES Clara’s collection of texts shared in SP Study Group WhatsApp chat + other recommendations gathered throughout the year + reading lists of the course + texts shared in Decolonizing and Regendering the Curriculum Workshop

3) GRADWORK 2019 - Must be filed under a stack and filled in according to a template

How is it published?

LIVE PRINT at Graduation Show 2019


What is it?

Faculty + alumni + student research on keywords that are presented on Beyond Social website

How is it published?


It lives on the main page, through the keyword listings there. It is built upon Rümeysa’s interviews with teachers, exploration of the content online, Elaine and Clara’s conversation, and hopefully built upon by the students. How to activate this process? Should be incorporated during a class activity. Maybe for grad show kick off workshop next year, for all students?


What is it?

Short summary (800-100 words) of the process of developing Elaine

BS DEV Talk Page transcript, unedited

How is it published?

PRE-PRINT, distributed at Graduation Show 2019


The keywords on the main page are right now static, a top-down idea of what the Social Practices “should” be interested in. Ideally, this should be a moving list, an idea cloud that morphs according to the intellectual “weather” in the Practice. As interests shift, so would the idea cloud.

For next year, perhaps the work for the graduation show is about populating, developing, changing, arguing about, agreeing on this frictionary. What do we mean when we say the words that we mean? Conflicts often occur when the same words are being used in a conversation and different meanings are being employed by the different speakers/stakeholders in the discussion. Understanding that a single term can have different and equally valid meanings (CONTROVERSIAL for members of the intellectual class who love to split hairs and assert moral and intellectual dominance over correct employment of terms such as post-de-colonial, but in terms of field management of conflict, unfortunately true).


André, Clara, Manetta, Kimmy, Esther

We have a new addition to the team, a student volunteer who approached us because her graduation work is related to AI.


June 18 ELAINE Test Run (Tuesday) Gender Reveal Party

Teach how to use the wiki by adding xenofeminist voice throughout the beyond social site Work on frictionary? —— Rumeysa to add all her frictionary research to the site


Elaine de Kooning

Emotional Labor

Feminine Machines

Reproductive Machines





Emotional Attachment


Digital Libido


Machine Learning








Support Structures



Libidinal Feedback



Turing test

Motherboard (Motheringboard)



Radical Self-Help

Zero, Interrupt, Trap, Parity, Adjust, Carry, Overflow (GUSHING)

FLIER TEXT FOR Elaine’s Xenofeminist Editathon
Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 14.29.17.png



André + Clara Nov 8 Fr

Clara Updates


Was just sent the email about Elaine/ASIMUT scheduling software controversy yesterday. Wrote the teacher who sent the email to the school. She has responded positively to our proposal. Here is an excerpt from our email to her:

Regarding the possibility of a xenofeminist ELAINE printing cyborg?

...we have been thinking about how we can do justice and remember, through the printed output of our project, the points you brought up in your school-wide email in 2015. And the first step is to contact you, to see how we can do this in a way that feels comfortable for you.

So basically, would love to have a coffee, present the workings of our ELAINE to you, and see how you perceive her (Electronic Library Artificial Intelligence Networked Entity) in comparison to the Elaine you helped dissuade the academy from making. It is not absolutely necessary for you to be named in the project, but I do feel that the ASIMUT/Elaine connection should be mentioned in some way, as a form of institutional memory made public. Hope you agree?

Meeting with the teacher next Tuesday, on the extra development day we have scheduled with André.


We have gotten a printer from PZI! André will see about picking it up from 4th floor on Monday.


MANETTA: We will need to purchase this soon, as well as purchase some paper and toner for the printer. Can we do this with the budget that you have?


Spoke with Cora who is organizing the stuff for ELIA from the Academy. She mentioned that we might be able to rent a car through the academy on Wed Nov 21 to transport everything to the location (CODARTS- CIRCUS ROTJEKNOR). I will have to go there some time next week to check out the location.

Transcribed Notes from Skype with Elaine W. Ho

Workshop by Display Distribute, which Clara might use for PZI classes

6 events - architecture of the book, TOC, chapters, dedication/ ritual where we had a bunch of unwanted books second hand and then we asked them to choose a quote that should not be forgotten, they performed a reading of the quote, made a contract that dedicated the quote to someone.... she plucked a hair from your body while doing a dedication, put the hair in a jar that was growing mushrooms.. back matter... spine!!!! what content should be conveyed there... cover.... thikning of it as a spectacle, the initial image that you see, turned it into a video, walkng in public space, a bit of knowledge and lines of what youre reading... koki tanaka, gets a bunch of people to collaborate on one thing thats done with one person, six people try to make a clay pot. translating topics throughout the whole book which became an index and trasnposed them to real locations in the city, this word corresponds to this place... enacted some sort of ritual that related to that word... how content can relate in a different way


Lemon Zest Pancakes with Maple Syrup by Rümeysa


André + Clara November 6, Tuesday

To Consider

1. Is all the material on the table or is it inside a box?

2. Nash + Pontus + Jorge + Kasper + Alona + Elaine = Can they design a box? Can they design sound cues/pick-up lines (How would a xenofeminist printer pick up humans? How would xenofeminist robots attract humans? Is catcalling ok if it's xenofeminist? You're actually not callingcats you're calling humans!!!!)

Notes for Manetta Who Was Not Here


We discussed the not having a screen in the installation, as André feels that it would distract attention from the relationship being built with printer ELAINE. Even though the guests would be typing blind (not being able to see what they type until they press enter, at which time what they type would come out of the receipt printer), it does seem like a good idea to not have the screen. Either way, we can give it a try and see if it works. If it doesn't work, then we can always install a screen on the Pi? I have an extra screen, and apparently PZI does as well.

André mentioned that it might be good to start involving the students already in the look of the final installation. He suggested we build a box to contain the receipt printer and the Pi. We just spoke now and we said maybe the box is too much, maybe let's just keep it simple and arrange the table in a nice way

Also, we discussed maybe Elaine should have an actual voice, which would convert the librarian chat portion to actual sound via text-to-speech. Which I think is kind of fun because the human guest will not have a "voice" because the human will need to type to communicate, but cyborg Elaine has a voice. I dunno if people will even notice this TBH.


ANDRÉ! See notes on Work Session 5 for the complete-ish script. You may remove whatever filters you don't think are necessary. I put a few of them in case whatever. They're old ones we had talked about, just consolidated.

So I've migrated a lot of our non-developer chats to the Wiki talk page. The talk page is basically editorial concerns and random conversations that intimate the process.

Perhaps we can migrate the outdated developer chats to the wiki to keep the pad a bit clear for latest work? Doing some spring cleaning.

Also, the talk page is looking quite nice! Since Manetta wants to include it as an annex thought to clean it up as much as possible. It's looking like a publication in itself. A developer zine. I like it! Transparent! Voices of humans!


Friday, November 2 Clara, Rümeysa, Manetta

We started work after an hour of gift/book/zine/publication exchange!

Leaking back into the wiki

ELAINE's diary

As a way to 'leak' a log of the dialog back into the wiki. To also shake the wiki up a bit from within the platform, not only in print, but also as wiki content. Which might trigger more longterm ideas of what the wiki could become.

The printed publications ... as a lively/fun/distorting way to add another type of value to the wiki publishing flow that has been there in the past years. Producing value through the distribution, interacting with the potential BS reader, preferences, metadata, and a couple of printers -- is coming together in a sort of software/tech carnival setup.

The interaction with ELAINE is a conversation in public. Where screens and people are watching you while conversing with ELAINE. Does this allow us to publish these conversations in public? On the BS wiki?

We could offer an opt-out option in the end of the conversation, a bit like how call center calls always include the "this conversation might be recorded for quality review purposes" ..... Do we need to be that polite? Maybe not. We could say: hey BTW, this conversation is recorded.

Which somehow resonates to Elaine W. Ho's practice. She is working on acts of reproducing in a degrated form. (? what does this mean? are there examples somewhere ?) Taking establish logo's and brands, and make bootlegs out of them.


Performance Notes

For Test at WdKA

Space in front of Publication Station. Table with 3 printers + Raspberry Pi -


Do we want to do a fossilized exhibition of the performance? It will be difficult to make the performance with all the characters involved (various librarians, real Elaine) at ELIA. Does it make sense to just put in the machines and offer a truncated experience? If we want to do a performance on that day, then we will need to rent a car to bring the materials to the space, set up, etc...

Rümeysa Progress


  Rümeysa has read most of the wiki and by next week will have bullet-pointed definitions of the categories she finds most relevant. The week after, she will start contacting teachers to get their opinion on the keywords and definitions. She is working offline on a document which will be turned into a pad and shared with the Total BS Development team.


  Spelling? Yes, but don't get lost
  Some pages are not categorized yet, but they do mention categories (is that correct?)
  Some beautiful things (such as inspirational articles) are not categories yet. Also, there are some red threads going through different articles, that make eachother stronger. But it's hard to find these.
  We could include recommendations at the end of articles, as there are connections between articles
  Rümeysa read most of the wiki articles, however, when you follow all the categories, you will not reach all the articles that sit in the wiki. A list of all the pages in the main namespace is this one:
  The reason that not all the articles show up in the categories, is because not all the articles are tagged with a category. But besides that, another thing is that not all the articles in the wiki have been transfered to the template format. This means that they don't show up in the page "Articles" or in the section "Recent Edits", as in these places only articles can be queried that use the templates. 


  So yes, there are a few things that we can ask ourselves:
  Do we want to finish the article transfer of old articles into the templates?


  Yes, if possible!


  Do we want to "clean up" the wiki by removing all the duplicate pages?


  Yes, Rümeysa did that already

Lunch Conversation

Piet Zwart Institute master's level students are developing, with Silvio Lorusso, an automated lifecoach to assist the entreprecariat workers in dealing with burnout. This is a speculative project, but has some connection to ELAINE. Feels like we might be developing a retinue of cyborg machines within the school? Could we take Sofia the Robot as the Barbie of the AI world and position our "crude" speculations of automated intelligences as Barbie's retinue of not-so-sellable friends (Ken, Skipper, et al...)? Or do we think of Sofia the Robot as Frankenstein? Or the Bride of Frankenstein, because Sofia is version 2.0 of another previous robot that was discontinued because he--the first version was personified as a male--was too megalomaniacal? If Sofia the Robot is a functioning, sentient Frankenstein, then ELAINE and the lifecoach robot at PZI could be a cabinet of curiosities, failed experiments?

Libraries as Civil Societies

Interesting article on the library as a crucial institution for civil society, as "social infrastructures: the physical spaces and organization that shape the way people interact." The silence culture of libraries as built-in conflict regulators. The free access and large (warm) spaces (shelters) as a haven for those whom society has little "need" (homeless, elderly, mentally ill, etc...)

Purchasing Convo


   Apparently this can only be reimbursed. 
   Maybe we buy it with the production money Manetta has and she can invoice this as production costs? 
   Is this too complex?
   Otherwise one of us will have to shell out cash, which is... you know. Not that great of an option for anyone involved, I'm guessing.


   (I'm not following this option i think......)



Our printer shall be called E.L.A.I.N.E. Was working at Amy's hausu over the weekend and we came up with the name! (Electronic Library Artificial Intelligence Networked Entity)

ELAINE W. HO of Display Distribute

Our printer service system is loosely named after Elaine W. Ho of Display Distribute--a publishing, distribution, and critical programming collective from Hong Kong. Wanted a name that didn't sound too Western. But then settled on Elaine, which is a pretty Western name, but it's very popular in Asia. Also it had "AI" in it, which was handy for making a good acronym about artificial artificial intelligence.


Real Elaine has heard about this project. Real Elaine says all she has ever wanted to be in life was a half-human, half-robot librarian. And via Amy on WhatsApp they have talked about her being a performer for Print Kiosk. Which could potentially be amazing. Maybe Real Elaine can join via IRC chatroom? I like that in this way, Beyond Social, in a tiny way, delivers on that promise to connect students to practitioners in the wider field. Wide enough to include outside Europe even :) Independent critical cultural non-Western publishing maven from live chatting at WdKA disguised as promiscuous printer is a good look.


Elaine was the name initialy given to the wdka scheduling software. There was a bit of controversy because Elaine was the name of an employee that was responsible for scheduling, and some people thought it was distasteful.

I mean, why not say it was named specifically after Elaine W. Ho and that she is pleased with the homage and wants to participate in animating the concept (we would never name a machine after Elaine W. Ho if it was something she wouldn't like). And also maybe add the previous story of ELAINE 1? Nice institutional memory and critique as well? I wonder what conditions made it seem distasteful at the time. Challenging notions of Eurocentric tastefulness is very appealing, as I'm equal parts fascinated by aesthetics of modernism and disgusted by all that it excludes through outdated notions of white, blank, pristine beauty. And perhaps allowing a real Elaine to participate and co-fabricate her own machinic representation is much more interesting approach. Rather than just naming a machine after a random woman and not allowing her any say in what her namesake says, does, stands for. In the Philippines, my bank had an "automated assistant" called BEA (Bank Electronic Assitant). BEA had the picture of rando model floating around the system. BEA had a face


Wauw what a stories!!

ELAINE DE KOONING: A Feminist Controversy at WdKA

Apparently the scheduling software was named after Willem de Kooning's wife, [Elaine]. Someone sent an email to the entire school upon hearing that the scheduling platform was going to be named after Elaine deK. Something about the whole "behind every great man there is a great woman" thing... a great woman who nevertheless feels fulfilled by being her man's secretary? Someone else said they would try to dig up the email that was sent school-wide. The software was not named Elaine, in the end. Will try to find the teacher who sent it. Perhaps they would be interested in having it included somewhere in this publication? Also, I wonder what they would say about naming our printer after Elaine W. Ho. Are we xenofeminist enough?

Hey André!!!! Question :))))

What if...

When the time comes for the guest to talk to the librarian... The computer says

"Please wait for the E.L.A.I.N.E. to send you a signal."

And then human dsiguised as robot librarian types something from the IRC room,

"Hi, how are you today?"

And the message comes out of the receipt printer? All chatroom talk from E.L.A.I.N.E. could come out of the receipt printer, which kind of feels very ghost in the machine.

We can also position a microphone somewhere so the guest has to speak into the microphone to "communicate" with E.L.A.I.N.E. Even though the in-situ librarians (Me, Nash, maybe Rümeysa?) can hear the guest without the microphone, maybe people not in the room (Real Elaine from HK, ELAINE EX MACHINA!) can hear them this way as well.


Cool. But it it needs a bit more though as how to integrate it with the current questionnaire

This part would be post-questionnaire. First text served via metadata questionnaire. Second text served by ELAINE from shadow library. So we need to work on switch from guest typing to communicate with printer to maybe just talking into microphone and ELAINE talking back via receipt printer.


We discarded the idea of guest talking into microphone for Elaine W. Ho to hear. Though it would be interesting to make the visitor switch from typing to talking to our system (typing to the machine yet talking to human that the visitor might still think is a machine)... It might be too complex of a performance. Also, it would be a nightmare in technical terms.


12 October 2018

Category Explorations


  Some categories make a lot of sense, some do less....
  There are categories that cover departments and other that cover philosophical subjects.
  Would it make sense to add hierarchy, in order to make it more readable?


  The wiki is structures in a flat way, pages stand next to eachother, that comes from the main ideas behind the wiki.


  You could use semtantic tags (semantic mediawiki), to be able to be more precise about your structure and the relation to the content.


  There is a bottom-up category, which is more of a strategy rather than 
  Perhaps there is just no coherence... 


  This happens... 
  people are not always coherent....
  What is not working in the current list of categories?
  How are the categories standing out ? What is their role in the publishing workflow or navigation while reading the wiki?
  From there, we could see what the need is in changing the structure of the categories.

Screengrab BS Dev.png

Busy Work Conversation


  Hi manetta, I changed the names of the menu items on the top but when you click on it, it shows you the old name as a weird note.
  Attached a screenshot.
  Would it be possible to change this?


  Ah yes, these are redirects. The wiki does not remove a page, but 'moves' it to another name, hence both pages still exist.
  But yes we can remove it i think, i will have a look at it!

*after a moment* MANETTA:

  I removed the redirect. 
  It was written on this page:
  (now it is empty! which made the redirect on the page "Stacks" disappear.)
  also ... in reply to your question about the top menu: 
  To change it, you can edit this page:


  I'm still fighting with Lesaanbod for first year curriculum UGH But I will head over to WDKA soon, have a meeting with Roger in the afternoon so I can ask him about invoicing and stuff for André's raspberry pi and other needs.
  Also, Rümeysa asked if we could advance her some $$$$ cos she running low and needs money for transporation. Can we make a small downpayment with her and I can send full invoice in a couple of weeks?


Yes let's do that!

André's Random Comments on the Etherpad

Category Word Match

(SUPER. Thanks!)

(YES! Thank you. Someone is writing Pythonsh :)


5 October 2018

Running Ideas


Should there be an events editor? Every month maybe give the events page to one space? One person?

Student assistant? Where o where to get funds for this. Hi Roger. If you are reading this, I know we talked about this already. But yeah, a student volunteer system would be nice.

Recorded Conversations

Metadata as fictionizing information, information that produces fiction when you try to use it to classify people. Metadata such as where you come from, what time you worked on something, etc... This metadata is decontextualized, or perhaps only makes sense to a machine operated by humans wishing to exploit random crumbs of information left behind by unsuspecting humans then sold to larger corporate interests who have interest in our habits because they want to monetize our habits. It's information about humans that dehumanizes them in a way. How can this data be made humane? Or at least playful. Can we ridicule the practice of data mining by laying bare the inanity of trying to use arbitrary data to serve knowledge? Or can we serve knowledge according to ridiculous parameters?


25 September 2018 André, Clara, Manetta

Favorite Part of the Survey

Was running around a lot today. Didn't get to take much notes. Worked on the interview. My favorite part was including a line from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland to ask the visitor about their text vs image consumption habits/hierarchies.


“And what is the use of a book," thought Alice, "without pictures or conversation? --Lewis Carroll--

Strongly agree

Moderately agree


Moderately disagree

Strongly disagree

Librarian Service

Open chatroom with one/two librarians? IRC type?

Promiscuity Phase

How will this happen?


22 September 2018, between 5-630h. Clara

So I woke up from a dream about a teacher and BS (Beyond Social, though bullshit was also involved in the dream)

Some ideas came from the dream and the dreamlike state after the dream.

Wordplay on or misunderstanding of The Commons 

Using data to find out what The (literally) Common is, a concept that anyway has been emptied of much of its meaning so there is a void to be filled. Also just annoyed at people using or claiming to be commoning when they're not. So why not misuse the concept and in doing so perhaps find out something more interesting.

What if f from the most and least common word lists, we go into each of the most common words and find out what words they have or don't have in common (most/least common denominators)?

What if inside each common word or inside each of the BS categories you see the most/least common words inside the articles? (We could see what the topic is biased for or against this way)

Chatroom funxtion

For the break/transition between machine chat and human chat:

What if the human chat started with the question (asked by librarian to visitor) Would you prefer to talk to a human or would you rather keep chatting to me?

Confuse the visitor. Make them think they're still talking to machine/AI, if they choose to keep chatting with computer. It can be the reverse of those tests designed to see whether a machine can pass as human. If they choose to chat with "machine," human will have to act like machine trying to act like a human lol. And then at the end we ask visitor if they think they were chatting with human or machine.

Maybe we can sell it as AI portion of project. Deep learning Vs shadow learning.

Receipt printer

Maybe the receipt is something you get from the main printer you've chatted with before you can go to librarian if you choose the human talk option?

If we ask questions like: choose the words you think should be most orleast common in a Social Practice curriculum

Theyy can see in receipt printer later which ones they got wrong and right AND the data set the list is trained on (actual most and least common words) . So in the end the receipt also acts as self-institutional critique. The receipt is transparency. You usually only get the result of quizzes you participate in, Neve rthe data set or set of rules that is determining your results.

Human chat

If they choose human chat they can facetime with a librarian. Either real face time or video chat


We need volunteers to help serve information, assemble final info packets and maybe also gather information as silent observers stationed around theroonm. Maybe the data of secret observers (wearing white jacket, looks nervous) can also be useful? Can be served in receipt printer too. Talk with student volunteers about this on October 5.

Ok am going back to bed still have an hour of sleep left!


21 September 2018 Manetta, Andre, Clara

Frequency ... oh dear frequency

🚩RED FLAG: "MOST FREQUENT WORDS" LIST SCRAPED FROM THE WIKI CONTENT: Where is: Care? Engagement? Activism? The Other? Queer? Feminism? Gender? Race? Black? Brown? Inclusivity? Ethics? Culture? Sensitivity? Reality? Context? Politics? Subversion? Resistance? Cohesion? The Commons? Power? Politics? Humane? Human? The Institution? Theory? Post-Colonial? Decolonial? Eurocentric? Patriarchy? Privilege? Capitalism? CRITIQUE? Question? Humility? Conflict? 🚩

Counting words

social 1308

category 1279

design 1236

people 845

project 768

article 701

new 637

also 629

file 561

jpg 517

selector 492

way 475

art 440

one 437

different 416

work 408

http 398

rotterdam 393

make 392

students 385

research 373

wiki 331

like 330

beyond 328

change 324

could 322

www 316

br 309

world 307

use 306

game 290

economy 290

designers 285

open 276

community 272

wdka 272

future 267

create 265

within 259

time 259

would 259

first 255

process 255

business 254

space 233

com 233

see 233

city 230

projects 229

society 226



Unrelated Morning Talk

What is panarchy? Pure governance and networked governance. Global system of rule. Romanticized as peaceful and pastoral. Laissez faire economics.

What is ordoliberalism? German system of order/rules applied to liberal politics.

What is voluntaryism? All human interactions should be voluntary.

HNI Talk (to be published on, talk in collaboration with

Benjamin Bratton Stack Model BB says it's problematic to equate user to citizen


Victoria Ivanova Looking at ways to make citizenship more dynamic, human rights context. Case of death row inmates who could try to get EU citizenship to escape death penalty in US.

Eavesdropping on HTML Class Being Held in the Same Room Where We Are Working

Introduction to the web, the www, which came while the internet was already around for a while, but introduced the language HTML.

Early netart examples:


18 September 2018 Manetta, Andre, Clara

Non-Ether Pad

FULL SCAN Developer Non-Ether Pad.jpg

DETAIL Developer Non-Ether Pad.jpg

Transcribed Conversations + Developer Post-Scripts



MANETTA: Students who want to change the CSS? They are allowed to do so in individual pages, but not on home page Prioritize, now it's more important to fix structure and other concerns If students will be involved as editors, they can be added to the administrator right group Where is the admin page with instructions and manual?

CLARA: User Permissions... What is semantic wiki curator?

ANDRE: Tim Berners Lee (semantic wiki) how machines can query the web in a smart way, if I ask a question that is very specific, this information must be translated to queries for a machine to understand, It would be a big change from how we normally query information via google search, it didn’t really work because it’s a chaotic place and it needs an agreement on vocabularies and lots of manual labor, the universe is too large for this, but within a small universe such as a wiki it works wikipedia was having roblemsw its their categorization because for instance if you have an example such as Trump, categories start to overlap because there is no limit to what you can say any given thing is so it created a profusion of categorizations… territory is flat, no hierarchy, so semantic media wiki came as a way to address that problem but in the meantime wikipedia started working with Wikidata it’s a very structured, very dry categorization of objects and entries, in several languages, with property and value (continent would be property and Asia would be the value and Philippines would be the object of the search).. it’s problematic, a bit of a mindfuck, often the more official and correct ways of doing it are very constraining you really need a group of editors that understands and designs the information structure.

At the moment we use the category mechanism which is using different boxes

Category: Easy to add new, difficult to remove old tags from all instances, but you can remove a category

CLARA: Editorial Board: Semantic Committee Could edit categories? Is there a place where they are defined? A glossary of categories? Could be included in the article relation, when you click on it there is a definition. This could be the task of the new editorial board or semantic committee, an admission that the task of categorization is fundamentally fluid. We should have our own definitions, as well as link to other texts or definitions that we find useful

Yes, all the categories that we work with are listed on this page: To add a topic: make a page in the format Topic:yourtopichere and copy/paste the smw query from another topic page, for example from Topic:Activism. It will add your new topic to the umbrella category "Topics", which is queried on the Topic:Topics page. (A bit of an iterative act..:) we use it to make the overview pages with the thumbnails.) 
> i copied this over to the Administrators_tips page.
A few notes on categories && semantic tags:
* Categories <> Semantic tagging. Semantic Tags ... are more nuanced, in the way that a tag contains a semantic direction of the 'grouping' so to say. For example: by categories you place "trump" in the category "president", in the semantic tagging system, you tag "trump" with the tag "position" : "president". The intention of the category is not "blanco", or the act of categorising is not  but it comes with a direction, namely "position".
* add a link to the topic in the Form:Article layout 
* add the description of each topic to the topic page

CLARA: List of basic wiki commands?

MANETTA: You mean syntax

CLARA: Does it exist? Can it be embedded from another page?

MANETTA: Yes, it's the Manual section (right now it's on the horizontal menu at the top of the page (>

ANDRE: The act of hyperlinking/embedding to other pages or wikis (interwikis) with the same software (mediawiki), basically making them part of your ecosystem. We can add shortcuts/ short extensions TRANSCLUSION: Concept by Ted Nelson Transclusion:

MANETTA + CLARA *mini-class*:

To embed another page, type an address like this:


Example 1: {{User:Andre}} to transclude a user page

Example 2: {{File:Whateverfilename.jpg}} to transclude a file

Example 3: {{Print_Kiosk}} to transclude a whole page in main namespace (no need to type the namespace, it doesn't have one)

Am gonna request/transclude the address {{User:Andre}} now, to embed User:Andre's page, so you can see what happens.

 Template:Namespace:Pagename  Help pages:


fight spam

Follow and Special:BlockBatch

Wiki Settings



SelectCategory is responsible for the bottom category selection in menus

Extension does not work with skin Vector in MW 1.26. Needs to be changed to wfLoadSkin( 'MonoBook' );

And requires CategoryTree. See settings in #CategoryTree section.

Requires Categories to be organized as parents and children, with the parent category defined in extensions/SelectCategory/SelectCategory.php

#$wgSelectCategoryNamespaces - list of namespaces in which this extension should be active
if( !isset( $wgSelectCategoryNamespaces ) ) $wgSelectCategoryNamespaces = array(
        NS_MEDIA                => true,
        NS_MAIN                 => true,
        NS_TALK                 => false,
        NS_USER                 => false,
        NS_USER_TALK            => false,
        NS_PROJECT              => true,
        NS_PROJECT_TALK         => false,
        NS_IMAGE                => true,
        NS_IMAGE_TALK           => false,
        NS_MEDIAWIKI            => false,
        NS_MEDIAWIKI_TALK       => false,
        NS_TEMPLATE             => false,
        NS_TEMPLATE_TALK        => false,
        NS_HELP                 => true,
        NS_HELP_TALK            => false,
        NS_CATEGORY             => true,
        NS_CATEGORY_TALK        => false

# $wgSelectCategoryRoot - root category to use for which namespace, otherwise self detection (expensive)
if( !isset( $wgSelectCategoryRoot ) ) $wgSelectCategoryRoot = array(
        NS_MEDIA                => "BS",
        NS_MAIN                 => "BS",
        NS_TALK                 => false,
        NS_USER                 => false,
        NS_USER_TALK            => false,
        NS_PROJECT              => "BS",
        NS_PROJECT_TALK         => false,
        NS_IMAGE                => "BS",
        NS_IMAGE_TALK           => false,
        NS_MEDIAWIKI            => false,
        NS_MEDIAWIKI_TALK       => false,
        NS_TEMPLATE             => false,
        NS_TEMPLATE_TALK        => false,
        NS_HELP                 => "BS",
        NS_HELP_TALK            => false,
        NS_CATEGORY             => "BS",
        NS_CATEGORY_TALK        => false


require_once( "$IP/extensions/CategoryTree/CategoryTree.php" );
$wgUseAjax = true;
$wgCategoryTreeDynamicTag = true;
$wgCategoryTreeSidebarRoot = "BS";
#$wgCategoryTreeDefaultOptions['mode'] = 'all';
/* $wgCategoryTreeMaxChildren = 400; */
$wgCategoryPagingLimit = 400;
$wgCategoryTreeForceHeaders = true;

MANETTA + CLARA *convo*: menu (Mediawiki:Sidebar) on the top, creating more accessible/legible names, making it clear that there is an editing corner so to speak. switching the special pages to the editing menu, calling it something like do some maintenance. also the contributions menu option is like an activity log, name should clear.

CLARA: What is the beyond social publishing page? mostly online publications?

MANETTA + ANDRE: 3 publications. 1 wiki to print folder, loose sheets on the table and people could collect material into the folder. 2nd round of this. Maybe some fliers (used those in print kiosk for grad show) Who knows this well is Kimmy.

CLARA *thought bubble*: We need to document the print history of Beyond Social a little better? Also we need to bind the last print kiosk collection and photograph. Need to ask for student help once all the urgent shit is sorted.

CLARA + MANETTA *convo*: Need to rewrite user manuals or editor manuals (or page editing interface -- the article form) so that people know how to use each form in the best way. issue of uploading photos twice or multiple times can be addressed here.

A: Working with Mediawiki , a good book that goes from very basic editing to very complex subjects such as semantic media wiki, etc...

MANETTA: mostly student works on BS this year, before it was teachers and externals mostly but not all of the old articles are available on the site since they haven't been formatted to the new structure. but they're searchable.

MANETTA: 378 content articles listed "main namespace" excluding the pages that are under user namespace or under files or under media wiki admin pages, sometimes there are copies with different title name

Developer Diary Screenshot Chat.png


7 September 2018 Manetta, Kimmy, Andre, Clara

25 May 2018 Manetta, Iris, Clara

Notes From Two Meetings Transcribed as Call-Response



Students don’t understand it, find it hard to contribute

Is it a publishing platform or an archive?

Started as a magazine=type thing based on Wikipedia platform

Manta came in between issue 2 and 3 , discussions around strutting of content and categories and topics

The fact that teana needed to choose a category, and names of the categories themselves

————what is the location of the category? Via semantic—— vocabulary issue
Wikipedia faced this problem because people start creating categories that are synonyms
It’s not a technological question, it’s an archive problem

, questions on changing structure every issue, but wiki makes difficult because changes would mean archival structure is gone

Can the wiki as a reading space be welcoming and by nature it isn’t, the solution was redesigning the wiki so it’s more appealing as a reading space. The other option that we developed in the first few issues was to have a separate reading interface where the content was pulled in
THURSDAY 13 7 PM talk in Amsterdam Renee turner talk Warp and Weft of Memory, includes stuff of semantic wiki

used to be text driven, now its rethought used wiki not just as backend but use it in fullest glory, functions

Went to use the wiki as a wiki again, to use the functions, not pulling it from another website

layers of using wiki, social dimension

Underutilized at the moment

talk page function, place to get comments

Without having a critical mass that could sustain it on its own
bS should be Playground! Sandbox
Social practice didn’t own it, Kimmy was brought it in the project to keep it alive

social layers to be included in interface, make our own layout for the interface, skin

Very important, students annoyed cos they needed to have structure to make the front pages visible, everything is in a form, there is no creativity
Get rid of those forms, still think of image attached to an article
ONE OPEN FIELD, insert html
Take over in color schemes
Separation between layout and structure of content
None of them have to be fixed

listening to the wiki and seeing what to do with functions of the wiki instead of forcing into a strict template which reveals its problems.. wikis are more fluid, templates we we’re making were more magazine-like

editathons were helpful to remove workload from manetta

EDITORIALS - used to be framed within issues

PRINT VERSION in time for ELIA conference

Avenir Heavy - Font

ELIA - November 2018 Finished by October 2018 Concept of publication should be done by July

How do you keep on this playfulness, bring a human dimension to the machine element

Design that is changeable Collecting the material assembling the material (more in the sense of downloading)

Cherry picking
Printer talking to you
Create a series of questions that lead us to certain selection
LaTeX it’s a printing layout language for creating typographically correct documents
Can change a lot but you have to play with rules
Christophe Haag —— based in cologne,
Making a printer to speak to you
Different forms of uploading, Mac frank and Giulia, a physical scanner that makes it easy to upload to the wiki

ELIA conference gives a short pitch for Beyond Social

Slideshow Application by Iris,