World Bank study on Inclusive Cities

From Beyond Social

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The main challenge for the social art and design community is to create awareness that apart from integral social, economic and spatial interventions also artistic interventions should be included in order to be effective in realizing an Inclusive City.

People centred urban development

Our use of the notion 'Inclusive City' is inspired by a recent World Bank Study. Although the study is mainly based on research in metropoles in Latin America and Asia it provides a very useful framework for analyzing the situation in a city such as Rotterdam. Although this model requires some 'translation' to the West-European context it is more suitable than most Urban Development concepts. These are in most cases focused on how to develop the city in stead of the people actually living in it. The World Bank framework is people centred.

Download the full report here: World Bank: Inclusive Cities Approach

External causes of poverty

World Bank: The Inclusive City Approach