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Tips &nd tricks for BS administrators


To add a Category: make a page in the format Category:yourtopichere.

Data Structures

Read more about the current data structures that we use here: Data Structures

Semantic MediaWiki (SMW)

We're using Semantic MediaWiki to store and query the data structures of:

  • Article pages
  • Event pages
  • User profile pages
  • Stack pages


We decided to not use Cargo in the end. It was interesting to try it out, but we feel that SMW provides us the tools that we need to store data structures and query pages.

We're currently still using Cargo for the Category:Frictionary.

Read more about how to use the Frictionary here: Frictionary.

Our documentation about Cargo can be found here: Cargo.

Changing interface text

The system's modes of address can be edited here: Special:AllMessages.

A couple of useful ones are the following ones:

Trick! You can add "?uselang=qqx" to the url of a page to view the system message names.


We can use the MediaWiki:Common.css page to make a couple of (small) changes in the style & layout of the wiki.

However, as there are many css files active for this layout, most of the styling is defined in the skin files that sit on the server. You can see them here: