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Poem reflecting on the Redesiging Business Symposium

Author: Lennart Pieters


I got stuck although I thought I had found a steady rhythm

that would perpetuate as if it was a sort of organism.

I must be out of shape.

I reached the borders of the page and instead of keeping on growing

I pressed against the rigid frames of my comfort zone.

I need to be fixed

And I don't mean stagnant or in any sort of solid state.

My Lego bricks should rearrange to something that will work.

But not just for me.

My solitary path across this empty space is linear

I look aside to see that you are moving perpendicular

Draw yourself towards me, I need connectivity.

Will you please reconstruct? Let's redesign me.

For it is you who should take the front row seat.

We take the same breath, tap from the same source.

We share our energy. Don't waste it.

They divided our labour, but we are no devices

We are one organism, so shift my paradigms

and broaden my perspective, re-organise me.

Can someone please pick me up and redesign me


Lennart Pieters is poem & workshop tutor.


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