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SPIN is a sister group of Erasmus Change, a climate organization in Rotterdam.


We are Erasmus Change. Together, we are standing up for climate justice. Our generation cannot and will not stay passive. We are a diverse group of people. We organize ourselves in various working groups so that we can all contribute in our own way.

This is what we stand for:

• Human-induced climate change is real. We oppose the denial of facts. We will base our stances on scientifically obtained knowledge.

• Climate action should be taken right now. Every day of delay makes the climate crisis less likely to be solved. The climate transition has to be just. Polluters pay. Wealth and income inequality as a result of climate change must be prevented.

• We demand system change. Responsibility must not be put only on the individual - we need political action as well. Involvement both within and outside the current political landscape is required. Civil disobedience is an acceptable form of political action.

• We are a peaceful movement. We do not allow the use of violence in our name.

• We’re a little terrified, yet excited and hopeful for our future. Seeing so many join our movement encourages us to keep fighting. Power to the people.


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