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From street debris to street lights

The Afrikaanderwijk market is one of the largest markets of the Netherlands. After a market day there remains a large amount of waste behind. Part of it is still good for consumption but the other part is so rotten that you can not do anything with it. We thought ...

Or..? Could it be still of value to the operators on the market and for the district? We have investigated the amount of different fruit and vegetable waste on the Afrikaandermarkt and the possibilities of alternative use. We have learned that you can get energy from fruit and vegetable waste by turning it into a kind of battery.

After the analysis of the amount and type of waste, we have been in discussions with several parties within the Afrikaanderwijk how to make it of use. We found out that in their perception there is too little light on the market and in the district, which creates a negative atmosphere. Our idea is to create a light source with the fruit and vegetable waste and thus improve the unpleasant reputation of this district. This option we have further developed, resulting in a prototype DePrikker.

Below, our general findings on fruit and vegetable waste and electricity.

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