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Practice 2: APR–JUNE
P2 (Practice 2) is a double cycle of four-week workshops developed with one other teacher. The goal of this term is to deepen knowledge of second year students with regard to the vraagstukken, to better inform their specialization choice in the following academic years.

P2 Online Course Handout: File:SOCIAL-PRACTICES-P2-Online-Course-Handout.pdf

A tiny archive of motherglues (hotglue splash pages), containing student work belonging to each class of Practice 2, SY 2019-20.

Cultural Diversity
Theory: Teana Boston-Mammah
Practice: Amy Wu

New Earth
Theory: Lizanne Dirkx
Practice: Isaac Monte

Performative Action
Theory: Shailoh Phillips
Practice: Artúr van Balen

Theory: Golnar Abbasi
Practice: Rosa Pons-Cerdà

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