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"Recording violence" is an collaborative event presented by students from Willem de Kooning Academy’s Social Practice, the class of Powerplay. They explore the notion of 'violence' in its multiplicities, as well as the practice of 'archiving'.

Door opens 17.00 (exhibition) Films start 21.00 (screenings) Event is free entrance

  • If you would like to know more about the works check out below, or just come and get surprised on the 9th!


About the works:

1. Zenica Blues 2.0 A music video in the spirit of Ex-Yugoslavian folk punk band "Zabranjeno Pušenje", adding to their archive of struggling citizens but taking place in current times in the town Zenica. Due to poverty and international exploitation of Bosnia's lax regulations on CO2 emissions, pollution levels are among the highest in Europe. Anita Karabašic

2. Unlearning Gender This work is a collective video-based project regrouping four separate but interlinked researches. In the form of video essays, four archives on different issues related to the notion of gender enhance each other. The makers reflect on the complexities of gender issues through interviews, image-making and found footage. Sophie Noordhoek, Julia Gat, Jonnah Bron, Jarné van Zetten

3. Archive in Absence This work questions the form and relevance of family archives and their validity as material for institutional representation. Inviting the visitor to play with and reconstruct our own narratives with material from our personal archives, it visualizes the fragmentary faultiness of archives being exposed to (mis)interpretation, projection and distortion. Katta Rasche, Fleur van Stratum

4. The Human Footprint on the Landscape By use of postcards this project focuses on the human footprint on Dutch landscape. We mould the landscape, which is neither good nor bad per se; but if continued, we are not sure how the future landscape will look like. You are invited to participate, to make your future landscape and add on the landscape archive. Robin Pieper

5. Objects of Familiarity This project displays an eerie feeling through an unusual photo album in a familiar, homely setting. The installation visualizes the feeling of absence of an important family member and the contrast that this creates within a home. The objects that are tied to this person are held on to, in an attempt to fill the absence; and become something else altogether by being transformed into a photo album. Leonie Edel

6. mynameisBob A short experimental film that explores violence online, by showing Bob's adventures on the Internet. Combining online sources with fiction, this project experiments with the Internet as storytelling tool. Leonie Paul, Lina Maldeikyte, Yeonji Choi, Sibel Vuap, Mischa Penders

7. Depicting the “Polish” women  

A series of videos showing conversations with the author's family members, friends, and neighbours of theirs. The videos, through a series of questions and interviews, explore the current and past circumstances of the life and meaning of ‘’Polish’’ women in relation to violence. Kira Bolder

8. The archive of shrinking worlds. If we are lucky enough to reach an old age, most of us will have to deal with the violent process of our worlds shrinking. This can be physical (like not being able to walk long distances), or social (like not being able to meet any of your friends anymore), among many other. This project explored the social and the physical through the exposition of an archive, which is a collection of stories dealing with these issues; offering a platform to talk about it, and sharing the story of someone you hold dear. Mila van Rossum, Mauk van Emmerik

9. A different View on Boardgames Violence is very common in video games, but what about board games? This project is a tool to show a different view on boardgames; By using which one gets a more in-dept insight into a series of well-known boardgames and their inherent relation with violence. The information will show a different side that may surprise you. Joke van Driel, Rolin Legêne, Sylvia Klören

10. Photography and Perception Photographers have power in the form of how they represent their subjects. This is particularly prevalent in documentary and street photography, as viewers often trust photographers and therefore expect a candid scene. This archive explores ways that prominent photographers have used this power; through a series of video excerpts and images related to the topic.

William Finn-Gornall



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