Rooftop Garden

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Create a green rooftop space that is being sustained by students and teachers 


Using the rooftop area to plant vegetables, herbs, plants (flowers for bees), etc

? Student driven

How? Organise recurring events

Students who take care of it can also take vegetables & herbs

Status Quo
: Two raised beds are fixed and planted

Plan for now:

  • Build up a community for the rooftop garden
  • Fix the last six raised beds
  • Fill the last six raised beds with soil and start planting resistant plants that are easy to take care of
  • Create maintenance plan between dedicated ’gardeners’
  • Weekly gardening sessions
  • Arrange Vacation plan with school (water system, FIT presence)
  • Check which students can take care of the garden during holidays 

Plan for long term:

  • Build Skillsets and share knowledge.

  • Station Skills can work as a rewarding system as well as a direct joint venture with the Material-, Interaction Station and many more.

These could be:

  • Wood workshop for building garden beds (for example with Raymond Molendijk)
  • Arduino programming for a watering system (for example with Yoana Buzova)
  • Building your own organic pots with Ganoderma-Mushroom and agricultural-waste, such as hemp stock (with Emma van der Leest from Blue City)
  • Invite external guests from de Dakdokters, Op Het Dak, DakAkker and many more.





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