Six More Minutes

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“What would you say if you have six more minutes with your lost love ones?” A moving Virtual Reality experience by Arif Abdillah.

“Hey Dad, I just wanted to say that I love you…(although) I felt unappreciated a lot as the second daughter...”

or when a man across the ocean sitting behind a video cam broadcasting through the internet starting to share his feeling of loosing his grand ma.

“I was just rubbing her head the whole time. And I told her ‘I love you’. She kept saying she was scared. And I said, ‘Don’t be. It’s OK’. And she just kept saying ‘I don’t want to leave you alone’. And I say, ‘It’s OK Grand Ma. You raised me, you taught me how to be a man. She taught me to shave, how to balance a checkbook, she taught me how to be an adult..” collects messages to the departed. Be it for dying Grandfather due to Alzheimer, or to four unborn babies due to domestic violence or even to departed loved pets.

This project started with my fear of loosing my ageing parent that leads to an attempt to make sense the feeling of intimacy, mourn, longing and regret.

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