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Social designers seek to bring about systemic change, but how often does their work actually succeed in changing the workflow and mindset of corporations or public institutions?

Author: André Schaminée

In my presentation at the WdKA symposium Redesigning Business (Rotterdam, November 20 2014) I shared tips and tricks for change management by focusing on context building: how to organise projects in such a way that they really have an impact?


André Schaminée is an advisor at consultancy office Twynstra Gudde and co-founder of the department where the knowledge and skills of (social) designers and visual artists are combined with in-depth knowledge and organisational change. He focuses on social design in relation to complex or 'wicked' problems and the potential of change management within this field. Together with Het Nieuwe Instituut and the social designer Tabo Goudswaard, he published SOCIALDESIGNFORWICKEDPROBLEMS in October 2014; an exploration at the boundary/interface between the fields of social design and change management.


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