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A wiki publishing workshop
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Vulnerable Publishing is a moment of publishing work in progress collectively, by sharing half-formed ideas/brainstorms/prototypes/thoughts from your academic and personal research.

We will introduce wikis as platforms of vulnerability where everyone can access the process of others, see when and what others erased/replaced/changed/edited, and publish ideas as they happen, rather than finished projects. Wiki is fun! We invite you to make mistakes, to edit and curate pages together, or intervene in others' pages within the Beyond Social wiki.

We will print out the results and make small publications of collective work in progress.



Discussion on tools and publishing

What tools do you use to design, to write alone or collectively, to publish?

Some examples to discuss:

Writing together

  • Google Docs
  • Etherpad


  • Hotglue
  • Wiki
  • Social media
  • Medium

Wiki editing

Edit your own page

Structuring information

First level

 =Your text= 

Second level

 ==Your text== 

Third level

 ===Your text=== 


Changing fonts

<div style="font-family: Inconsolata;"> YOUR TEXT </div>

Changing paragraph style

<p style="text-align:center; font-size:30px;"> YOUR PARAGRAPH 

Changing text color and background

<span style="color:#58D68D; background:#0E6655;"> YOUR TEXT </span>

For more documentation:

Collective creation and printing

Instructions for the collective writing:

<noinclude></noinclude>  --- text between tags will only appear on the page itself, not on the page it's transcluded

<includeonly></includeonly> --- text between tags will only appear then where the page is transcluded, not on the page itself

<onlyinclude></onlyinclude> ---- only the text between these tags will be shown where the page is transcluded, but it also shows on the page itself. It can override the other tags.

{{:Pagename}} - used when transcluding a page from the main namespace

{{User:Username}} - when transcluding a user page

Discussion on outcome

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