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a short introduction to the software
For Beyond Social we use a specific type of wiki software, called Mediawiki. The wiki is the central work- and publishing space for Beyond Social. By using the wiki as a backend (working) and a frontend (publishing) at the same time, it brings the act of reading & writing together. As Beyond Social is a project that aims to create a discourse for social practices, we hope that the wiki can serve as a tool to create and document the developments, reformulations and discussions of student projects, reflections and external initiatives.

This is an introduction to a mediawiki as a (social) platform, a historical piece of software and its position within the Social Practices. For a tutorial about how to get an account and practically work with the wiki, read the manual.

Short history

The first wiki was create in 1995 by Ward Cunningham, and it was called Wiki Wiki Web. The word "wiki" comes from Hawaii, where it means quick. A short wiki history, on Cunningham's first wiki platform can be readed here. And this interview with Ward Cunningham is a recommended read.

For Cunningham wiki's are about speed, easiness and collaborative forms of writing and publishing on the Web.

‘People discovered that they can create something with other people, that they don't even know. But they come to trust and they make something that surprises them in terms of its value’.

Example wiki's

Consequently wiki's have been used extensively as environments for online collaboration. Examples of this are:

Educational examples:


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Feel free to contribute to Beyond Social.


There are four ways to contribute:

Create a new article. Beyond Social is written and edited by its community. Contribute to this online publishing platform with an article (text, photo-essay, video, audio and so on) about your project, theory, event or initiative in the field of Social Art & Design.
Edit this page, or any of the other ones. If there is any missing information or spelling mistakes in this article, please don't hesitate to change it. Other complementing work, such as including media files (images/video's/audio) is also very much appreciated.
Talk with the contributers and others by taking part in one of the discussions on the TALK-page of an article. These pages are the semi-hidden backside of articles, hence ideal for discussions about an article without changing the initial text.
PROPOSE a new editorial. Beyond Social invites guest editor(s) to emphasize a certain issue, topic or theme. Guest editors write an editorial, invite others to create articles by an open call and/or add existing articles.