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Short description: Frictious dictionary

Long description: A glossary or dictionary of words with definitions that are not intended to be static. As the meaning of words destabilize with popular usage, so does the frictionary accept and welcome contradiction, revision, addition, division, compositionism, entropy, and redundancy. The only guiding principle of the frictionary is that previous definitions, however erroneous, must not be erased. Errors are welcome for many reasons, and most especially because they are monuments to what is a continuous process of learning in common.

Used in the Frictionary of: 2020

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→ read moreBeyond Social is a collaborative research and publishing platform for students, faculty, and friends of the WdKA Social Practices department. It is a platform for trial and error, for sharing knowledge, research, sketches, and failures.

Beyond Social connects contributors through a wiki. It is an open and collaborative platform. Anyone may contribute by commenting on existing articles, adding new articles and events, adding items to our Frictionary, and proposing other forms of wiki gardening and collaboration.

Social Practices The Social Practices is an interdisciplinary graduation profile at WdKA that offers four courses: Cultural Diversity, New Earth, (Ghost Minor Under Construction), and Powerplay.

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